About Us

We are your partner for success


SKVA International co Ltd is a young and dynamic company, which provide total logistics solutions to our clients. We move bulk commodities to their destinations safely and efficiently around the globe.

Backed by our sound business model and high quality customer service. We have played a key role in assisting our customers in their growth development over the decade.

It is an exciting moment to be at SKVA. Our aim is to improve the customer experience and fast-track service innovation. Our focus is to continue to grow the business as a leading logistics and trading company, offering first-class service to its customers.

Our Journey

Setting up depot with full fledged depot services.



Open branch office in Madagascar.

Development of our customised operation software & depot management system.

Widen our range of bulk commodities and diversify our markets.



Re-structure of the company in 4 distinguished departments.

New visual Logo.

SKVA has been appointed as SFI Transit operational arm.

SKVA offer procurement services for projects in Mauritius, Madagascar and Cameroon.



SKVA start bulk shipment of Sugar, Alcohol and Liquid Co2.

SKVA has been appointed as Stolt agent in Mauritius.



Jean-Francois became full time director of the company in 2011. He formulated the strategic vision of the company.

SKVA was founded by Jean-Francois Desveaux in Dec 2008. SKVA is pioneer in the transport of bulk liquids by Tank container in Mauritius.


Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver our customers’ products in a reliable way, with ultimate care and the shortest possible transit times. We manage logistics and transport for bulk cargo, from all origins to all destinations, for all modalities. We make logistics simple for our customers.

Our Vision

SKVA vision is to be a growth partner for our clients. This is the directive that guides the daily work of our employees and defines the way in which we interact with clients as we set out together on the road to sustainable growth.

Our Values

  • Listen, Serve and Solve.
  • Embrace the adventure.
  • Work fearlessly.
  • Live passionately.
  • Commit to Excellence.
  • Honesty
  • Safety of ourselves and those around us.