Procurement Services Provider

Make procurement your competitive edge


SKVA international provide procurement services in order to help our clients focusing on their core business and reduce their operation costs. Our process aims to develop a secure and responsive supply base capable of meeting current & future business needs in terms of quality, delivery, cost, quantity, technology, flexibility and service.

Quality of service, clarity of information and confidence in managing the complete process lies at the heart of everything SKVA International do and this is why our customers continue to use our services and are confident in recommending it to others.


Our strategic sourcing services for manufacturing companies go beyond strictly cost reduction services. We can assist in:
• Supplier Identification
• The Procurement of raw Materials
• Improving collaboration with suppliers
• Improving Lead Times
• Customs and Logistics
• Identification and build out of warehousing locations
• Acquisition of capital equipment
• Reducing maintenance costs of capital Equipment
• Improving payment terms with your supply chain partners
• Inventory control
We have been involved in several projects in the region and in Africa which required our expertise to identify suppliers, develop sourcing solutions, installation and maintenance of equipments, training of staff on new acquired equipments.


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Multi-compartiment Isotank


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